Small wind turbine generators

Power can even be generated in remote areas

Small wind turbines with a rating of 0.5-100 kW can be used to generate enough electricity for both isolated farms and yachts, and for stalls and stands in town and city centres, for example. Our portfolio includes various rotary distributors in different sizes for precisely such cases, some of them with free internal diameters. The rotary distributors generally sit directly at the rotary joint, at the transition from the mast to the nacelle.


     MOOG Rekofa GmbH GMBH MOOG Rekofa GmbH GMBH MOOG Rekofa GmbH GMBH
   F 5912  F 5913  F 2511  F 1196 B

Max. number of rings

 3  3  4  4

Max. voltage

 120 V  240 V  500 V  500V

Max. current/path

 21 A  14 A  10 A  25 A

Free internal diameter

 -  -  20 mm  

External diameter
 22 mm  32 mm  88 mm  105 mm

Height complete

 28-50 mm  64 mm  56 mm  85 mm

Protection class

 IP54  IP54  IP00  IP00

Max. rotational speed

 250 rpm  250 rpm  10 rpm  60 rpm


Other sizes on application using our technical form.

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