Wind power stations

Our experience for your pitch control and lightning protection

Benefit from both our standard and our customised solutions for your entire wind park. In our product portfolio you will find not only hybrid distributors for medium currents and data bus but also carbon brushes for lightning protection applications. We will also be happy to compare your specification with our products and to prepare an individual quotation for you.

With our in-house test lab we can not only run climate, vibration or long-term trials but can also carry out all the tests required in the wind energy industry with internationally recognised partner laboratories.


   MOOG Rekofa GmbH GMBH  MOOG Rekofa GmbH GMBH  MOOG Rekofa GmbH GMBH
 System          Standard 30A (gold wire)  Standard 80A (gold wire)  Standard 500A (carbon)
Wartungsfrei   up to 150 Mio. revolutions   up to100 Mio. revolutions   up to 200 Mio.revolutions
Lebensdauer   up to 20 years   up to 15 years   up to 20 years
Strom max.  30A  80A  500A
Spannung max.  600V  600V  600V
Daten max.  400 MBit/s  400 MBit/s  1,5 MBit/s
Schmierung  not necessary  not necessary  not necessary

Ask for information about our sector- and end-user-specific standard systems or simply fill in our technical form. We’ll send you the information in no time at all!

We use our high-current brush holders to discharge to earth any lightning striking the rotor blades towards the nacelle. The current then flows off continuously rotating into the ground via the carbon brushes, which helps to protect the hub bearing. The pictures below will give you an initial impression of the durable brush holders of up to 1,000 amperes (per holder).

MOOG Rekofa GmbH GMBH         MOOG Rekofa GmbH GMBH

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