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What is a slip ring transmitter?

Slip ring transmitters, often called rotary joints or transfer systems, are electromechanical products for the transfer of currents, electrical signals or media from a fixed to a continuously rotating part. Slip ring transmitters are used where rotational movements above 360° are required and a drag chain would hinder this. A slip ring transmitter usually consists of a slip ring assembly and a current collector – and in most cases an additional covering. The possibilities of this technology are shown on this Website. Moog Rekofa GmbH has been designing and manufacturing current transfer systems for more than 90 years. They are distributed globally from its headquarters in Antweiler.
In addition to the many standard systems we have, with our own R&D department and working closely together with our customers, we can also design bespoke systems right from the budding idea.

MOOG Rekofa GmbH GMBHA wide range of units can be combined with each other and define themselves in:

main current
control current
- measuring current
- data signals
- Video signals

The electrical systems are split into contacting and contactless transfer by optical fibre. In addition, these units can be combined with so-called media rotary joints and entirely encased!

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