Customised slip rings

Every support possible in developing your customised solution

In addition to the standard solutions presented here, we also offer our customers our design and development service from the beginning of their project. Our in-house departments for design and R&D and our test lab enable us to devise a solution for (virtually) any requirements our customers may have.

We attach great importance to working closely together with our customers and our technically skilled sales force provide every support in this respect. We will be happy to discuss your new projects with you.

Our customised designs are usually based on our standard systems or we use these systems as the basis for new developments. This very often produces synergies from tried-and-tested systems and current projects. The experience we have gained since 1921 in what is now over 15 fields of application is of course a major factor. We have already provided custom designs for rotary distributors with up to 600 independent contact

decks, combined versions with power and signal current plus data and media distributors, or, for example, 33 contact decks with a design height of less than 40mm.

All the products shown on our Website can be combined with each other and/or further developed.

We will be happy to receive your enquiry, too. Put us to the test!

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