Hybrid rotary distributor

Flexible combination of various standard systems

All the standard systems engineered by Moog Rekofa GmbH can be combined with each other to form a “hybrid”. We attach great importance to the economical modularity of our products and thus to offering our customers the greatest possible flexibility. And that means not only for the smallest quantities produced but for large-scale production as well.

The example shows a slip ring transmitter for welding manipulators developed in close cooperation with our car end customer (e.g. Interbus or Profinet by optical fibre including the power supply and repeaters passive or active).

1 = Contactless and as a result non-wearing optical fibre
2 = Ergonomical, light but nevertheless sturdy housing
3 = Power and signal transfer
4 = Standard or customised connectors
5 = Air distributor with connecting thread e.g. G1"
6 = Internal repeater on entry and/or exit
















As already mentioned on the previous pages, the standard components shown here are just a small selection of our portfolio. Our staff will be happy to help you select a slip ring transmitter matched to your particular needs.

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