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Media distributors

Continuously rotating transfer of media

Media distributors are time-tested machine components used to transfer liquid as well as gaseous media from stationary to continuously rotating elements. In addition to standard solutions, Moog Rekofa has been developing customised media distributors since as long ago as the beginning of the 1990s.

The seals of the media distributors are made of special materials. These are adapted to the medium which is being transferred. Special sealing-free solutions are also available where high rotational speeds would cause extreme wear.

SystemdataMOOG Rekofa GmbH GMBH
  • Transferable media:
    o air/vacuum

    o water

    o oil

    o gas

    o glue/grease

  • Standard pressures: -1 bar (vacuum) to +400 bar
  • Standard connection sizes: M4 to G5"
  • Can be combined with all MR electrical products
  • Can also be supplied separately
Typical applications

  • Automation (turntables and robots)
  • Construction machinery (crawler excavators)
  • Vehicles (turntable ladders and slewing cranes)
  • Textile industry (reel splicers)

 Art. No.  Ident. No. Medium Number of Channels
  Conection Size
Dimensions [mm]
 F 2257 DC  5019131  air  1  G1/2"  150/83
 F 5382/1  5010646  air  4  G1/8"  160/65
 F 5515/1  5013294  air/water  3 (1xL/2xW)  G1/2"  105/140
 F 5427 B/4  5013664  water/oil  4 (2xW/2xÖl)  2xG1/2" / 2xG3/8"  180/214
 F 5882/1  5022987  air/primer/cleaner  7 (2xL/4xP/1xC)  2xG3/8" / 5xG1/4"  120/393

This table shows just a small selection of our standard range. We will be happy to give you details of other designs on application. Depending on their quality, liquid media should be filtered in order to increase the life of the seals. Max. opening: 10µm.

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