High-current brush holders

Rugged graphite brushes for high currents

We use so-called high-current brush holders for lightning protection and transferring earthing currents from static to rotating components.

With the different configurations including even encased designs combined with other MR products (see SEA), users can choose from a large selection covering all sorts of applications. Currents in excess of 1,000A have already been transferred in hybrid rotary distributors with these products! And even 64,000A has been achieved for electroplating plants at the request of a customer.


SystemdataMOOG Rekofa GmbH GMBH

  • Max. current: 1,000A (connected in parallel even higher)
  • Max. circumferential speed: 7m/s
  • Total service life: >100 million revolutions
  • Other: contacts replaceable

Typical applications

  • Car manufacturing (welding manipulator earthing)
  • Wind power stations (lightning protection)


 Art. No.  Max. Current


 Radius [mm]
 Art.Nro. Replacement
 Carbon Brush
 F 4472  80  M6 thread
 27  fixed  0  1873660RL
 F 2336/1 A
 F 2336/2 A
 strand  37   fixed
 0  1372661RL

 F 3673 A
 F 3673 B

 350  strand  37
  flexiblel  0  1681460RL
 F 1379/2
 F 2064 B
 500   M10 thread  60    fixed  80
 F 1951
 F 2065
 1.000   M10 thread  115    fixed

Current collector made of copper-graphite mixtures or heaviest-duty cast bronze.
Further types of brush holders including double-leg versions for currents from 10A to 300A are available on application.

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