Signal and data transmission

We’re setting signals!

In view of the ever increasing speeds for data transfer in today’s industrial systems, Moog Rekofa has specialised in the continuously rotating transfer of data, measuring and video signals. The systems are modified and adapted to the particular environmental conditions of the customer’s installations and optimally protected against dust and moisture.

All leads and cables are laid in accordance with EMC requirements. Special screening is also provided depending on the on-site conditions. Customers can choose between contacting and contactless (optical) systems.


Name                                 Max. Transmission Frequency MR-Produkt                        
ASI Bus 0,167 MBit/s all
Can Bus 1 Mbit/s all
Device Net 1 Mbit/s all
Ethernet 10 Mbit/s all
Profibus 12 Mbit/s all
Profinet / Fast Ethernet 100 Mbit/s optical, gold wire, SM
Drive Cliq 100 Mbit/s optical, gold wire, SM
EtherCAT 100 Mbit/s optical, gold wire, SM
Sercos I, II, III  100 Mbit/s  optical, gold wire, SM
Firewire 400 Mbit/s optical, gold wire, SM
Video signal 180 MHz gold wire

Other data bus systems with a frequency of up to 1Gbit/s on application.

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