Slip rings with insulation discs (SES)

Modular construction for a wide variety of applications

These relatively flat slip rings are embedded in insulation discs, making it possible both to install them in encased hybrid distributors and to sell them separately.

SystemdataMOOG Rekofa GmbH GMBH

  • Data rate: up to 1.5Mbit/s
  • Max. rotational speed: 30rpm
  • Max. angular velocity: 60rpm
  • Total service life: up to 5 million revolutions
  • Contact service life: up to 5 million revolutions
  • Maintenance interval: up to 1 million revolutions
  • Other: 3 contact points per contact deck

Typical applications

  • Food processing plants (fillers)
  • Dockside cranes (cable drums)


 System          Max. Current
 Max. Voltage
Max. No. of Poles
 Max. Free inside
 Diameter  [mm]
Min. Casing
Outer Diameter[mm] 
 SES 20-630  20  630 dependent on current  36  228
 SES 25-500  25  500 dependent on current  36  228

Silver-graphite carbon brushes always used for data transfer!
For current standstill transmission, the amperage must be multiplied by 0.7!
All the versions shown here can be combined with other MR products and encased up to IP 68!

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