Slip ring collectors (SRK)

Fast rotation and field-proven

Slip rings or slip ring collectors are used in rotating electric machines. In the 3-phase AC motor segment this includes asynchronous motors and slip-ring rotor motors, which are among the main fields of application. Working, control, signal and measuring currents are thus transmitted from stationary to rotating components. The current is tapped by our brush holders, which are also used, for example, in the SEA and SER systems. Noble metals are used here as well for any data streams.

As different manufacturing methods are employed for the slip ring collectors, we distinguish between the following versions:

Press-fit slip ring collectors

  1. High resistance to vibration and shock
  2. Temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius
  3. High resistance to tropical conditions 
  4. Circumferential speeds of up to 40m/s 
  5. Max. diameter of the slip rings 350mm
  6. Max. total length 420mm

Injection-moulded slip ring collectors

  1. Max. outside diameter 100mm
  2. Plastic with 30% glass fibre reinforcement
  3. Steady-state temperatures of max. 120°C

Shrink-fit slip ring collectors

  1. Dimensions up to 1 metre diameter
  2. Current carrying capacity up to 10,000 amperes
  3. The exposed slip rings are ventilated and cooled during rotation, which offers significant advantages in enclosed motors

Typical applications

  • Cable drumsMOOG Rekofa GmbH GMBH
  • Plastic, textile and printing machines (heated rolls) 
  • Electroplating
  • Cable stranding machines
  • Shredders and crushers
  • Fans
  • Splitting machines
  • Mixing machines
  • Pumps

We will be happy to send you our current list of the standard slip ring collectors available.

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